Lead resilient, focused, and revitalized work teams.

Even with crazy schedules, high stress, and heavy workloads.

To attract and retain top talent.
Cultivate a desirable work culture which reflects the expectations of a modern workforce.

By enabling your people with practical skills in resilience and rejuvenation while they work.

Work and Recovery can exist together…
… when they do, your team and your bottom-line will thank you for it.

Who we help

  • Business leaders who are invested in the retention, well-being, and the mental health of their people.
  • HR, OHS, and Wellness Advocates seeking practical solutions with tangible results.
  • Organizations struggling with a diminishing bottom-line due to the impacts of unresolved stress, heavy workloads, and changing work environments.
Is your organization…
  • Losing confidence in attracting and retaining top talent?
  • Experiencing an unwanted culture of burnout, stress leave, and resignation?
  • Unsatisfied with investments in employee well-being?
  • Losing rapport with a hybrid / work-from-home workforce?
  • Seeking to differentiate itself among competing employers?
  • Wishing to increase employee retention and eliminate unnecessary turnover?
  • Raising the bar by promoting a flexible work/life culture?
Are you a leader who…
  • Is all too familiar with heavy workload getting in the way of your ability to lead?
  • Regularly pushes through the grind with no end in sight?
  • Is losing touch with personal standards?
  • Is experiencing the side-effects of blurred boundaries between work and home?
  • Wishes you had more presence, focus, and ease in the workday?
  • Wants to know how to make better use of the small bits of breathing room you have?
  • Desires a refreshed mindset and more motivation to achieve health and performance goals?

Founder and Coach, Tim Kessler’s story with overcoming the side-effects of being overworked, burned-out, in pain, and under-slept.

The Workovery Method™ (TWM) is a
workplace retention and resiliency program.

TWM teaches hard working people how to prevent and recover from the side-effects of stress in the workday. Participants build a mindset for workday rejuvanation while developing skills in:

  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Healthy Habit Formation
  • Do-It-Yourself Ergonomics
  • Energy Management
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • …and more.

The results of this approach is a working life that promotes longevity, focus, and enjoyment in the workday.

There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.

Alan Cohen

How High Efficiency Recovery Works

Your nervous system is in a constant state of flux, whether you are aware of it or not. The mind and body are always working to identify, respond, and adapt to stress, time of day, and more. Left unmanaged or over worked, the nervous system can become dysregulated along with our ability to perform or find enjoyment in work and life.

Instead of letting the nervous system struggle to keep up while we push through stress, it is possible to work in sync with the nervous system to recover and perform better.

The Workovery Method™ is based on the understanding the core functions and various states of the autonomic nervous system; most known for regulating between states of fight, flight, and freeze, and states of rest, digestion, and recovery.

The autonomic nervous system was long believed to be completely out of our control, however there are growing fields of research proving that there are ways to consciously influence the state of our nervous system on-the-go.

Three of the most accessible habits that can help regulate the autonomic nervous system can be found in one’s mindset, breath, and ability to move the body.

Two of the most influential environments that impact our well-being are the design of our workspace and the way we design and engage with the ultimate state of recovery… sleep.

With high-efficiency recovery and a well-designed work space, instead of repeatedly pushing through the grind, your team can really learn to flow with the grind and the natural rhythms of their nervous system.

This approach allows for hard work with less of the side-effects.

Simply Sophisticated

Yes, it sounds simple… maybe even too simple to believe that these skills will be useful…

The truth is that the skills in this program are intentionally designed to be simple because it is likely that your workdays are already busy and stressful. Plus, there is a huge gap between KNOWING what is good for you and DOING what is good for you.

Any skill or tool is only as good as the user and the techniques within TWM are only as good as the habits they become; otherwise they are basically parlour tricks on the nervous system – they feel great in the moment, but unless applied regularly, the benefits are limited.

That is why with The Workovery Method™ participants will first learn how to cultivate a clear and meaningful mindset for implementation so that they can keep on top of their workload, re-commit to healthy goals and start building simple skills that leverage the sophistication of the nervous system.

Who has benefited from the lessons behind The Workovery Method™

 When we first hired Tim our core office team worked long hours without taking breaks and had repetitive strains that were getting worse, all of which were negatively impacting our culture and bottom-line. Since working with Tim at the individual and team level, our team members have confidence to work comfortably and a culture of taking quality health breaks which has led to happier staff, stronger communication, and notable resilience though the busiest times of year.” 
– Shelley McNeil, Human Resource Manager

Health is a daily practice. The reminder to be more mindful with my physical work habits immediately helped to prevent pain that I was previously experiencing from sitting at a laptop for too long. Tim has been a wonderfully thoughtful, patient, and empathetic coach on this journey.” – Gavin Seal, Senior Producer at Shopify

“I’ve grown to love the gentle reminders to slow down during the madness of a day. It helps remind me to re-centre, breathe, and stretch, which in turn leads to more patience and presence – Laine Pineo – Chef and Caterer

 “Since implementing what I learned I can finally sleep again, not to mention I can now make it all the way through my workouts without losing my breath, the sky is the limit! My energy levels are incredible and I am now teaching my son who struggles with asthma. This is gonna be a life changer!” – Fred C., Senior Communications Professional

“I would recommend Tim’s course to those who feel some soreness and discomfort in their bodies, /more and to break some bad habits that are not allowing you to be more productive throughout the day. Specifically, the tips on posture helped reduce soreness in my legs and arms, and I now can prevent feeling tired and sluggish.” – Renzo Mesones, Operations Manager

“Tim’s training gave our team quick recharge solutions and ways to reduce overall body stress accumulation. Highly recommend!” Cathy Kerr, Veterinarian

“Tim’s course has given me the gift of micro-breaks, which is a brand-new habit for me. The most powerful tip has been stretching and being mindful. As someone who works behind a computer, I never realized how these few minutes of stretching would impact my productivity and well-being. I find that I have less discomfort as a result of this small change in my work day.” – Carrie Paxson Instructional Designer

“I attended one of Tim’s workshops and found he is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to reduce physical and mental stress in the workplace. I took away a number of tips and strategies which I use every day now. – Richelle Wiseman, Ghostwriter & Copywriter

The Problem

Most of us learn that work and recovery are two different things. We are taught that working hours are for work and time-off is for recovery.

Even if you exercise, eat right, follow ergonomic guidelines, and sleep well you still will encounter periods of high stress and slumps in energy. 

The reality is that periods of high stress and heavy workload are inevitable. Left unresolved, the side effects start impacting health, safety, performance, and the bottom-line.

That’s the problem. If your team culture carries the mindset that work and recovery are separate, then you are missing out on opportunities for rejuvenation during a large part of the day, the working hours. 

If this is the case, you likely have not considered the possibility that you can work hard and recover simultaneously.

This limiting belief keeps your organization oscillating between high energy-high output and being tired, stressed, and less productive.  

We created The Workovery Method™ to replace these limiting beliefs and work patterns with a more resilient and higher performance alternative.  

What’s more, the solution is simple and low-cost. The challenge is largely about mindset and habits rather than relying on equipment.

The Workovery Method™ teaches hard working people how to prevent and recover from stress during the workday. Best of all, these skills boost work performance and it does not matter where or how your people work. The Workovery Method™ can be applied anywhere, on-the-go.

Sound to good to be true? Check out some supporting research.

What The Workovery Method™ is not:

This is not a meditation or mindfulness program, though participants will learn how to cultivate more presence and connection to the most important aspects of the workday. 

This is not a program on communication though participants will learn how to improve their ability to make clear, calm, and healthy decisions. This enable them to communicate in a more effective and value based manner.  

This is not a program on productivity or time management, though your team will learn how to leverage small amounts of time within busy schedules to tap into optimal states of focus and creativity.

This is not a fitness or stretching program, though your team will learn how to use movement during the workday to literally shake off stress, loosen stiffness, develop more physical mobility, and to cultivate more energy.

This is not an ergonomics program, though your team will learn how to do more with their workspace so they can find comfort while reversing the negative effects of repetitive or sedentary behaviour.

What The Workovery Method™ is:

This is a program about building a strong mindset so your team can have clarity, confidence, and commitment to doing what they already know is good for them.

This program is about how to set the foundation for developing meaningful and easily repeatable habits.

This is a program about leveraging physiology to balance between states of stress and states of recovery.

This program is about learning how to optimize the work environment so your team can work comfortably and more actively, virtually anywhere. 

This program is about balancing hard days work with a deep restorative sleep so your team can feel more rested, accomplished, and ready for whatever the workday has in store. 

Pushing through “The Grind”

Regularly pushing through “the grind” has diminishing returns on performance and wellbeing, especially during times of high stresschanging work environments, and heavy workload.

If stress is high and time is tight for long enough, instead of pushing you might find yourself or your work team dragging through the grind with less energy, focus, or ability to meet personal and work-related standards.

It’s these types of phases that often include ongoing issues like:

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Resentment
  • Lack of boundaries between work and home
  • Loss of trust and connection
  • Low engagement and boredom
  • Distractibility
  • Lingering and aches pains
  • Poor Sleep
  • Decreased immunity
  • High turnover / Burn-out
  • Emerging mental health issues
  • and more..

It’s times like this when, regardless of where the stress is coming from, the side effects start take their toll on the mind, body and the bottom-line.

In the short-term issues like the above are tolerable, however in the long-term they increasingly impact bigger aspects of work life, and in a bad way.

  1.  Fatigue could be impacting your safety and productivity on the job while keeping you inactive outside of work. 
  2.  Irritability could be adding to your stress while eroding communication and trust with those who depend on you.
  3. Distraction could be crushing your focus at work while stealing presence with your loved ones.
  4. That nagging feeling that you could have ‘done more work’, even though you worked all day, is stealing energy and quality sleep.
  5. … and if you just weren’t so stiff and sore by the end of the workday you might just get around to doing that hobbie/interest/social activity…. 

If the any of the above sounds familiar you might also be at the point where the rewards of your work – which once excited you – are becoming less enjoyable and you can feel the weight of this level of stress leading you down a path towards more stress, burn-out, or breakdown. 

Even if you exercise, eat well, and can relax outside of work, the impacts of stress and strain often occur during working hours where there often isn’t time to workout, kick up your feet, or let loose.

Without recovery, regularly pushing through stress is like:

  • an athlete without rests between sets, days off, or an off-season.
  • a chef who doesn’t sharpen their knife.
  • a race car driver who doesn’t take pit stops.
  • or a caregiver who doesn’t practice self-care.

Doing the same work, in the same way, begins to take more and more effort while increasing the risk of injury or breakdown.

Will-power and skill will only get you so far, so why not infuse the workday with high-efficiency recovery so you can keep working hard without the side-effects?

The Solution

Recover While You Work

Stress is defined as: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” 

Recovery is defined as: “a return to normal or better state of health, mind, or strength.”

Resilience resilience is defined as: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.”

High-efficiency recovery is achieved by leveraging skills that stimulate the mind and body out of states of stress and into states of recovery in order to build resilience.

High efficiency recovery can be achieved within little to no extra time so you can keep working hard, with less side effects.

Balancing high levels of stress with high efficiency recovery enables hard working people to build resilience on-the-go.

In that sense, if you are at all motivated to perform better, it is equally as important to be motivated to recover better.

With High-Efficiency Recovery you can:

  • Experience relaxation while being productive.
  • Find more energy without stimulants like coffee.
  • Set clear boundaries between work and home.
  • Find relief from aches and pains without relying solely on specialists or medications.
  • Be confident and comfortable working from anywhere; home, office, or on-the-move.
  • Build physical mobility without standard workouts or stretching programs.
  • Sleep amazingly without relying on supplements, sedatives, or falling asleep to the tv.


Official Launch May 16th, 2022

  • Modules available 1 per week for 6 weeks.

Delivered via 6 eLearning Modules containing bite sized lessons.

Each module is divided into short lessons lasting 5-10min/ea.

Completing each lesson is as easy as taking a micro break.

Experience a state of high efficiency recovery by enrolling in this mini module right now.

  • Destress and refresh.
  • Includes a 6min guided micro break.
  • Features the 4 key skills within The Workovery Method
Tap into your mindset and nervous system so you can form powerful habits built upon a clear and meaningful vision of commitment to your goals. 

Why Mindset?
Because, when done well, cultivating a powerful mindset can take a few moments to create a lasting impact on your outlook, decisions, and aspirations for the entire workday.
Learn to use the ultimate master key for regulating stress in the body, the breath.

Why Breath?
Because you can utilize the breath anywhere, anytime, and you can use it to take the reigns on your mood, focus, and state of stress.
Learn a movement protocol that you can rely on to shake off stress, boost energy, and increase your mobility anytime.

Why Movement? 
Because even if you are fit and healthy, working at a computer all day can equate to a sedentary lifestyle.

Movement cultivates presence, builds energy, and can reverse tension so you can stay fresh and energized for the task at hand.
Learn how to setup an optimal workspace, anywhere. Go beyond just avoiding repetitive strain by building skills for repetitive relief.

Why go beyond standard ergonomics?
Because even with great equipment and ‘perfect’ posture, working in the same way, over and over can become a repetitive strain on its own.

Learning how to use various postures while working can build range of motion, balance, core strength and can reverse the effects repetitive strains and the risk of sedentary behaviour.

Design an optimal space and routine for achieving a whole lotta quality ZZZzs including go-to protocols for recovering from poor sleep.

Why Sleep?
Because our sleep quality is determined by actions we take starting from how we wake up to how we prepare for bed.

Knowing how to get a good night sleep is the most valuable source of recovery that you have and getting poor sleep on a workday is like showing up to work impaired.

Re-envision your goals, apply what you have learned, and build a plan for consistent growth and success.

Because anything worth doing is worth repeating. These skills are only successful if you continue to implement them in daily life. This module will send you off with a refreshed mindset for Workovery long into the future.

Who is this for?

The tools within The Workovery Method™ are rooted in science and an understanding of basic functions of the autonomic nervous system, therefore this program can benefit virtually anyone; however this program is delivered from the perspective of the workday so you will particularly benefit from this course if you identify with at least one of the following:

  • You are at the point that stress, pain, discomfort, or fatigue in your workday is no longer tolerable and you know it is time for a change.
  • You are motivated to perform better in your role or business.
  • You recognize how your well-being impacts the bottom-line.
  • Your workday consists primarily of completing the same tasks over and over. Ex: Computer work, driving, work benching etc.
  • You have struggled to maintain motivation or commitment to healthy habits and could benefit from following a proven framework that is designed to tackle mindset and motivation from the beginning.
  • You recognize the cost that stress, discomfort, and poor sleep has on your personal life including the people and interests most important to you.
  • You value your own autonomy and want to be able to make better decisions on your own time, at your own pace.
  • You want the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be able to work well, anywhere.
  • You recognize that results require practice, repetition, and commitment to the process.

Who this is not for.

  • You don’t value the idea of taking breaks or practicing mindfulness.
  • You believe that well-being exists outside of the workday.
  • Your work is low-stress and you have no physical discomfort.
  • You don’t believe that stress, burnout, or overwhelm will be a problem in your working life. 
  • You pride yourself on how little sleep you get while still working long hours.
  • You don’t believe that wellbeing can improve productivity.

About Tim Kessler

“I am a 31 year-old Canadian Nomad and business owner currently living in a custom Tiny Home in the Alberta Foothills.

My background is in fitness coaching, counselling, ergonomics and retailing healthy office equipment. 

I have a unique perspective because I’ve worked in various environments, from physical labour and physical fitness, to sedentary office work, from front-line youth work to workplace health and safety, to working from home as a business owner and employer. Since 2013 I’ve gone from being burned out, in pain, and underslept to leading balanced and high performing workdays even when stress is high and time is tight.

I’ve helped myself overcome common side effects of the average working life by implementing what I’ve learned from my dedication to understanding human performance, states of well-being, and how the built environment affects us. 

Today I lead balanced and revitalizing workdays that give me more time and energy for the people and things most important to me. I am devoted to helping hard working people learn to feel great, get more done, and keep the dream alive.”

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