Free Workovery™ Class | Straight to the Goods

  • Destress and refresh within minutes or less!
  • Includes a 6min guided micro-break
  • Features key skills within The Workovery Method™

Simply Sophisticated

Yes, it sounds simple… maybe even too simple to believe that these skills will be useful…

The truth is that the skills in The Workovery Method™ are intentionally designed to be simple so they can fit into any busy workday.

They are sophisticated because they leverage the power of your nervous system to assist in regulating between states of stress and recovery.

Plus, any skill or tool is only as good as the user. The techniques you will learn are only as good as the habits they become.

Receive education and guidance via in bite sized lessons and build resilience into your workday.

Workovery Foundations™ is an introductory skill development course that fits into any busy workday.