Tim Kessler, Workday Revitalization Coach | Founder of Workovery and inHabit Wellness

I am a Canadian Nomad and business owner currently located in Foothills, AB.

I help successful and overworked professionals to transform their relationship with the hustle and grind.

My clients continue to work hard with less of the side effects and a whole lot more of the things that light them up.

This means instead of waiting for time off or a vacation that you need a vacation from, you can tap into on-demand rejuvenation even when stress is high and time is tight.

My unique perspective comes from my passion for human performance combined with my lived experience in overcoming common side effects of working under various job demands in labour, shift-work, caregiving, and at the desk.

Today, I most enjoy supporting two types of individuals:

1. Mental health advocates/people leaders striving to bridge the gap between strategy and meaningful action among employees. I help by:

✓ Addressing team-specific work-related stress and health issues.
✓ Cultivating awareness of their team’s well-being skills and abilities.
✓ Fostering team spirit that supports individual aspirations and work-life fulfillment.
✓ Developing a skill development strategy to prevent burnout and sustain quality performance.

2. Successful professionals who work hard but seek better health, reduced stress, and stronger personal connections. These clients often come to me when they reach a breaking point such as a health scare, uncertainty about staying in their job, or recognize they are costing themselves too much to keep up this space. They benefit from:

✓ Reclaiming valuable time for important aspects of life.
✓ Overcoming habits that hinder personal growth and productivity.
✓ Cultivating an unwavering commitment to well-being.
✓ Reclaiming their identity beyond their busy professional life.
✓ Improving sleep quality for increased energy and motivation.

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