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The Promise:

21 Days to end the drain that chronic busyness is having on your health and fulfillment. Start thriving despite the demands of your successful working life.

The Challenge:

Infuse your busy schedule with micro bouts of high efficiency rest, recovery, and rejuvenation for 21 Days.

More details to be released throughout August

This is for you if:

  • You are well paid but struggle to find the time, energy, or motivation to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
  • You are in-charge but your schedule rules over you.
  • You like the buzz of hard work and being busy but fatigue and burn-out are zapping your energy and enjoyment.
  • You yearn to get back in touch with the activities and people who light you up.
  • The thought of quality down-time or self-care seems foreign or out of reach.
  • Even when free time does come around you are too worn-down to make best use of it.
  • You wish energy and focus were on-tap so you could better manage the stress and workload that aren’t changing anytime soon.
  • You barely got the R&R you needed this summer and are facing a busy Fall/Winter season.
  • You’d like a working life you don’t need to escape from just to find some breathing room.
  • You consistently say phrases such as: “Meetings, meetings, meetings”, “I am super swamped right now”, “If I just had a free minute I would…”, “I’m barely keeping my head above water”, “I just gotta push through and get it done.” “Sorry I cant I’ve got more work to do”, “ I just don’t know where I’ll fit it all in”. 

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  • Help you start adding rejuvenation to your busy workday regardless if you join the challenge.
  • Uncover the busy blindspots that keep your health and fulfillment goals out of reach.
  • Cultivate a mindset for unwavering commitment to maintaining your vitality even if stress is high and time is tight.
  • Form a new relationship with the natural rhythms of your nervous system so you can truly balance between busyness and wellness.

Signup to receive updates and access to free trainings related to the Busy Breakthrough 21 Day Challenge

* indicates required

What people are saying about Tim Kessler and The Workovery Method™

“Tim brings insights that will change your life. Fabulous engaging speaker and coach for any team or group. Have a chat with him and you will be better for it.”
– Maxine Morrison, Real Estate Advisor

“In just a few minutes my mind becomes clear, the tension in my body releases, and I find a sense of calm. Because of this training my team and I are more capable and ready to make important decisions with our packed schedule and to-do list.”
– Mark Banham, Capital Projects Manager

When we first hired Tim our core office team worked long hours without taking breaks and had repetitive strains that were getting worse, all of which were negatively impacting our culture and bottom-line. Since working with Tim at the individual and team level, our team members have confidence to work comfortably and a culture of taking quality health breaks which has led to happier staff, stronger communication, and notable resilience though the busiest times of year.” 
– Shelley McNeil, Human Resource Manager

About the host, Tim Kessler

I am a Canadian Nomad and business owner currently located in Southern Alberta.

I’ve spent my career helping hard working professionals to overcome the side effects of overwork and hustle culture who now lead fulfilling and high performing working lives.

My unique perspective comes from my passion for human performance combined with my lived experience in overcoming common side effects of working under various job demands in labour, shift-work, caregiving, and at the desk.

Today, I most enjoy supporting two types of individuals:

1. Mental health advocates/people leaders striving to bridge the gap between strategy and meaningful action among employees. I help by:

✓ Addressing team-specific work-related stress and health issues.
✓ Cultivating awareness of their team’s well-being skills and abilities.
✓ Fostering team spirit that supports individual aspirations and work-life fulfillment.
✓ Developing a skill development strategy to prevent burnout and sustain quality performance.

2. Successful professionals who work hard but seek better health, reduced stress, and stronger personal connections. These clients often come to me when they reach a breaking point such as a health scare, uncertainty about staying in their job, or recognize they are costing themselves too much to keep up this space. They benefit from:

✓ Reclaiming valuable time for important aspects of life.
✓ Overcoming habits that hinder personal growth and productivity.
✓ Cultivating an unwavering commitment to well-being.
✓ Reclaiming their identity beyond their busy professional life.
✓ Improving sleep quality for increased energy and motivation.

Ways to work with me:

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