Workovery Foundations™ | Thrive Through Work and Life Stress

Average Module Duration: 15min Completion Time: 90min The Workovery Method: Foundations™ program offers: *Demonstration-based lessons are intended to offer students the opportunity to practice and implement the skills taught in The Workovery Method™. **Recommendations are provided as guidance for the practice and implementation of these skills in the workplace.  ***Students are encouraged, though not required,… Continue reading Workovery Foundations™ | Thrive Through Work and Life Stress

Module 6: Building on a New Foundation

Re-envision your goals, apply what you have learned, and build a plan for consistent growth and success.  Why? Because anything worth doing is worth repeating. These skills are only successful if you continue to implement them in daily life. This module will send you off with a refreshed mindset for Workovery long into the future.

Module 4: Comfort Beyond Ergonomics

Learn how to setup an optimal workspace, anywhere. Go beyond just avoiding repetitive strain by building skills for repetitive relief. Why go beyond standard ergonomics?Because even with great equipment and ‘perfect’ posture, working in the same way, over and over can become a repetitive strain on its own.  Learning how to use various postures while working… Continue reading Module 4: Comfort Beyond Ergonomics

Module 2: Easy Breathing Stress Management

Learn to use your ultimate master-key for stress management, the breath. Why Breath?Because you can utilize the breath anywhere, anytime, and you can use it to take the reigns on your mood, focus, and state of stress. Pre-Launch Savings! Save 25% on all modules between now and June 24th with code: REST25

Module 1: Mindset, Motivation, and the Nervous System

Tap into your mindset and nervous system so you can form powerful habits built upon a clear and meaningful vision of commitment to your goals.  Why Mindset?Because, when done well, cultivating a powerful mindset can take a few moments to create a lasting impact on your outlook, decisions, and aspirations for the entire workday.