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  • Deepen your understanding of stress, the nervous system, and resilience.
  • Experience practical techniques for building resilience on-the-job.
  • Strategize how to protect your team and the bottom-line.

Things to consider before accessing the training:

  • It is on-demand, once registered, you can watch anytime.
  • It is 45min in duration.
  • There is no sales pitch – the only pitch is for you to test what is offered and experience the results for yourself.

Discover how Workovery™ can help.

Book a free strategy call and plan for building a resilient and high performing work culture.

  • Gain clarity about your specific challenges related to employee mental health, psychological safety, and work performance.
  • Identify the costs that these issues are having on your culture and bottom-line.
  • Form a vision for what your ideal organizational culture could look like.
  • Commit to action steps for creating lasting change.

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