For back-to-back busyness.

Embed short bouts of wellness right into your calendar with Workovery Micro-Classes.

1 hour wellness workshops are nice and all… except they are not always compatible with a back-to-back working life. Don’t let the jam packed workday get in the way of maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Workovery Micro-Classes are delivered in 10-15min sessions so you can infuse your meetings and to-do list with guided on-the-job rejuvenation.

Great for:

  • Team Building
  • Safety Moments
  • Special Events
  • When you are too busy, with no end in sight.

Workovery Micro-Classes are a great tool for going beyond education and awareness – they enable leaders and their teams to integrate habits of wellbeing right into the workday.

Unlike wellness apps with pre-recorded content, Micro-Classes are delivered live via video conferencing so participants get expert interaction to address their real-time needs in the workday.

Benefits include, and are not limited to:

  • Overcoming afternoon slumps
  • Improving team communication and empathy
  • Stress relief
  • Releasing stiffness and soreness
  • Reducing sedentary risk
  • Boosting energy
  • Focus and productivity

Compatible with all video conferencing applications.

Packages start at $1000 for up to 6 Classes

Book a complimentary micro-class for you or your team today – info@workovery.com.


“In just a few minutes my mind becomes clear, the tension in my body releases, and I find a sense of calm. Because of this training my team and I are more capable and ready to make important decisions with our packed schedule and to-do list.”
– Azad Abul, Quality Specialist

“At ConocoPhillips we have been engaged with Tim Kessler for over a year. Finding ways to ensure my team are taking the time to step back from a busy and sometimes stressful workday is essential. The Workovery™ Method enables the team to take bite size chunks out of their working life to think, take stock, relax, and reset. 

This approach has improved the team’s accountability around well-being and mental health. Further to this people are taking Workovery™ home and applying the techniques into their personal lives. I cannot recommend the program enough.” 
– Mark Banham, Capital Projects Manager | ConocoPhillips