Who has benefited from the lessons within The Workovery Method™

“Tim brings insights that will change your life. Fabulous engaging speaker and coach for any team or group. Have a chat with him and you will be better for it.”
– Maxine Morrison, Real Estate Advisor

“In just a few minutes my mind becomes clear, the tension in my body releases, and I find a sense of calm. Because of this training my team and I are more capable and ready to make important decisions with our packed schedule and to-do list.”
– Azad Abul, Quality Specialist | ConocoPhillips

“At ConocoPhillips we have been engaged with Tim Kessler for over a year. Finding ways to ensure my team are taking the time to step back from a busy and sometimes stressful workday is essential. The Workovery™ Method enables the team to take bite size chunks out of their working life to think, take stock, relax, and reset. 

This approach has improved the team’s accountability around well-being and mental health. Further to this people are taking Workovery™ home and applying the techniques into their personal lives. I cannot recommend the program enough.” 
– Mark Banham, Capital Projects Manager | ConocoPhillips

“Workovery has been great in helping me manage and reduce workplace stress. The tools and resources Tim has provided have given me a better grasp of stress management techniques, and I’ve seen a notable improvement in my overall well-being. Workovery has helped me reduce anxiety and now I find I am calmer and more in control of my mind and body. This sense of balance has translated into increased focus, productivity, and overall well-being in both my personal and professional life. It has served as a constant reminder to take better care of myself, even amidst my busy schedule. The platform encourages me to pause and be more mindful of factors such as breathing, which is a game-changer in maintaining my mental and physical health.
– Sundas Tufail, Enterprise Risk Analyst

When we first hired Tim our core office team worked long hours without taking breaks and had repetitive strains that were getting worse, all of which were negatively impacting our culture and bottom-line. Since working with Tim at the individual and team level, our team members have confidence to work comfortably and a culture of taking quality health breaks which has led to happier staff, stronger communication, and notable resilience though the busiest times of year.” 
– Shelley McNeil, Human Resource Manager

“I’ve worked with Tim and Workovery™ for several years. Tim has been instrumental in helping me shift my thinking and behaviours at work. The shift from relentless grinding away to consciously taking wellness breaks at regular intervals has improved my concentration, productivity and energy levels.

Tim is very personable and fun to work with. He’s a lively and energetic presenter and a diligent coach. 

He also helped me rethink my work environment and upgrade the ergonomics of my workstation. This too has improved my health. I experience 
much less pain as a result of the combination of changes.

These are tangible results, but there are intangibles too. 
I feel better overall, physically and mentally. The changes may seem small but the cumulative effects are significant.”
– John Watson, CEO | Accrue Performance Marketing

“Tim Kessler has been a great resource to our organization and has presented on various topics on Workovery™ over the past three years. 

This spring he led a “Breathe it Out. Shake it Off” session with our team, and I, personally, have been incorporating the breathing patterns into my daily life, especially in moments where I need to calm down, re-focus myself, or energize my thinking. I also incorporate Tim’s suggestions for stretching and shaking to relieve tension and boost energy. 

Tim has been a valuable resource to our team, and to many of our employees individually to address their greatest needs.”
– Carrie Church, CEO | Windmill Microlending

Health is a daily practice. The reminder to be more mindful with my physical work habits immediately helped to prevent pain that I was previously experiencing from sitting at a laptop for too long. Tim has been a wonderfully thoughtful, patient, and empathetic coach on this journey.” – Gavin Seal, Senior Producer at Shopify

“I’ve grown to love the gentle reminders to slow down during the madness of a day. It helps remind me to re-centre, breathe, and stretch, which in turn leads to more patience and presence – Laine Pineo – Chef and Caterer

 “Since implementing what I learned I can finally sleep again, not to mention I can now make it all the way through my workouts without losing my breath, the sky is the limit! My energy levels are incredible and I am now teaching my son who struggles with asthma. This is gonna be a life changer!” – Fred C., Senior Communications Professional

“I would recommend Tim’s course to those who feel some soreness and discomfort in their bodies, /more and to break some bad habits that are not allowing you to be more productive throughout the day. Specifically, the tips on posture helped reduce soreness in my legs and arms, and I now can prevent feeling tired and sluggish.” – Renzo Mesones, Operations Manager

“Tim’s training gave our team quick recharge solutions and ways to reduce overall body stress accumulation. Highly recommend!” Cathy Kerr, Veterinarian

“Tim’s course has given me the gift of micro-breaks, which is a brand-new habit for me. The most powerful tip has been stretching and being mindful. As someone who works behind a computer, I never realized how these few minutes of stretching would impact my productivity and well-being. I find that I have less discomfort as a result of this small change in my work day.” – Carrie Paxson Instructional Designer

“I attended one of Tim’s workshops and found he is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to reduce physical and mental stress in the workplace. I took away a number of tips and strategies which I use every day now. – Richelle Wiseman, Ghostwriter & Copywriter